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Miguel  Galue Piqueras

Miguel Galue Piqueras

Sketch Artist and Painter
About me:
Painter and Graphic Artist based in London - Always changing, always evolving
United Kingdom

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I am a Hispano-Venezuelan Painter and Figurative Artist based in London. My main concern as an artist is to portray people, things and places around me to leave a record of the times we are living.

I have never received formal training but I have lived in three continents so far and I always keep absorbing from my surroundings. So far my biggest influence has been XX Century Latin American Art, Architecture and Literature; but I have picked up along the way American Pop Culture and East Asian influences as well.

My main output is portraits and sketches but I am always willing to try new things and different methods to see where they take me.


Available For Travel: Yes, worldwide   Current VISA: EU Citizen

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