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Success Stories

Some of Our Success Stories

More than 20% of Members performing at our Events find direct career opportunities from their participation! Here are some examples:

Tom Napier – Musician/Singer
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Tom was playing in the streets of Guildford and was invited to perform at our Live Music Event in October 2011. He was able to meet Tiger Lilly, one of our very successful music Members. Following that Event, Tom was invited to perform at one of Tiger Lilly’s workshops, and he has been able to develop a great working relationship with her.

Mark Villarossa – Musician/Singer
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Mark performed at our Live Music Event in October where he was spotted by our partner, Success Express Music. Success Express Music later invited him to perform at their live music festival at Proud Camden – a venue where all artists want to perform!

Tom Bradley – Cameraman
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By being our cameraman at our launch party, Tom was able to showcase his skills and as a result, he was hired to work with Mayamada. Tom acknowledges that participating in our Events has increased his work opportunities.

Milina Imrichova – Clothing Designer
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Milina presented her clothing collection at our Fashion Show in December in front of an audience of about 50 people. While at the fashion show, Member Anastasia modelled part of Milina’s clothing line. Through this work, Milina sought to create more modelling opportunities for Anastasia. The two Members are now working together – Anastasia was able to fulfil her dream of becoming a model, and Milina was able to find a wonderful, professional model, and for a lower cost than going through an agency.

Mayamada – Japanese-inspired Clothing Brand
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The team at Mayamada increased their clothing sales by participating at our Fashion Event, and they were able to find a very skilled cameraman through beOnTheScene for all of their future work and projects!

Anastasia Gavrya – Model
A few weeks after arriving in London, model Anastasia Gavrya chose to join Be On The Scene and perform at our Christmas Fashion Show. She definitely made the right choice, as our fashion show provided her with a secure work opportunity with clothing designer, Milina Imrichova. In addition, Anastasia has been invited to continue working with one of our modelling agency partners and has since joined their modelling academy.

Christine Chong - booking agent for bands
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Christine was contacted by a new band the day she joined Be On The Scene. That band immediately wanted to work with her in organizing their events.